Facial in a Box Round 4!

What is it?

All of the facials take you through professional cleansing, resurfacing, masks, serums, toners, moisturizers and eye care. As a bonus, all of the boxes offer ample amounts of product, including 3 various serums that can be used for several days to a week following the facial to allow you truly optimal results. (this really does make a difference & you know how I love product!)
*Also, these boxes are ideally used within 30 days of purchase to ensure efficacy and potency of the products.*
Already know which box you'd like to order?

Which one should I choose?

Each box is tailored for different results depending on your skin type and skincare needs, but rest assured you can’t really to wrong as they are very balanced. The type of box highlights a focus, but it attends to the comprehensive needs of the skin in totality. 


Hydrating + Nourishing

  • Designed to give a comprehensive skin-health boost & assortment of essential nutrients for the skin spanning vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oils and power-packed hydration.
  • Leaves the skin plump & smooth & glowing
  • Appropriate for all skin types and ages

Lifting + Firming

Comprehensively powerful in resurfacing damaged skin, helps to combat glycation (this is a process that causes uneven skin pigmentation and stiffening of the collagen fibers which result in inelastic, thinning skin— much more prevalent in the presence of smog, smoke and sugar/carb intake in the diet…. HELLO COVID!!! can we say help?! )
Appropriate for anyone age 25 and up
Delivers essential nutrients, hydration and peptides that focus on adding volume and “plump” to the skin as well as addressing the underlying structure.
This one has a bit more aggressive resurfacing so you might get dry for a day or two after the facial and then you will see the glow emerge fully at about day 2 (provided you are using the included serums)


Sensitive + Redness Reducing + Repair

Deals with skin that tends to flush easily, has couperose skin that seems to have persistent redness.
Great for dehydrated skin to restore a balanced “cool” complexion as this type of skin often holds heat.
Great for bringing down overall reactivity provided you continue to use the serums included following the facial.
Helps even-out skin tone and provide active ingredients that restore homeostasis that goes far beyond calming the skin as this type of skin needs exfoliation and a “work-out” as well.
Great for people who are facial beginners and want a treatment that is sure to give them a glow and hydration with high-level active ingredients, without the potential for any initial irritation of any kind.  


Clarifying + Balancing + Detoxing

This helps unclog skin and clear up current break-outs while diminishing the start of future break-outs.
Clears excess oil & sweat from the skin without drying it out.
Helps remove particulate matter that has entered the skin (this is small particles from smog, pollution, smoke, etc.) Great to do at the end of summer.
Helps balance and impart and even skin tone and texture.
Good for all skin types from teenage acne to adult hormonal acne to those concerned with the appearance of larger pores.


One Final Important Thing!

Because these are truly therapeutic grade products and processes, I will require you to sign a waiver before I ship the product out to you.
Once you purchase the product, an email waiver will be sent to you. Please open it and sign electronically and send back and we will happily get the box right out to you.