Facial in a Box Round 3!

What is it?

All of the facials take you through professional cleansing, resurfacing, masks, serums, toners, moisturizers and eye care. As a bonus, all of the boxes offer ample amounts of product, including 3 various serums that can be used for several days to a week following the facial to allow you truly optimal results. (this really does make a difference & you know how I love product!)
Already know which box you'd like to order?

Which one should I choose?

Each box is tailored for different results depending on your skin type and skincare needs, but rest assured you can’t really to wrong as they are very balanced. The type of box highlights a focus, but it attends to the comprehensive needs of the skin in totality. 


Hydrating + Nourishing

This facial is wonderful for deeply boosting skin hydration and nourishment at deeper levels to help produce a more well constructed surface barrier that glows with health. Skin that is properly intact appears smooth, plump & clear and is better able to handle fluctuations in climate change, emotional stress and is also more resistant to future damage and premature aging, not to mention it just looks vital and fantastic.

While very good for normal to dry or dehydrated skin of all ages, it is globally good for just about everyone as it focuses on providing true hydration, essential lipids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients into the skin while removing the damaged surface barrier to allow for skin regeneration.

Don’t let the name fool you, this is packed with high-level essential active ingredients, its not fluff.

If you are not sure what your skin type or condition is and you are looking for all around benefits, this one is a great way to go.  


Lifting + Firming

This facial focuses on more intensive resurfacing and rebuilding of the skin structure with brightening benefits to accompany the lifting and firming. It also layers very results-driven, peptide-rich serums and masks that infuse the skin with myriad peptides that work on tightening the DEJ which is where the layers of the skin meet that, if well intact, help make the skin appear tighter (in a good way) and the pores smaller and also helps prevent glycation (the stiffening of the collagen fibers) and the unraveling of the skin as it ages with exposure to sun, elements, time and yes….. stress & diet.


Sensitive + Redness Reducing + Repair

This facial helps balance the many factors that contribute to sensitive, red/reactive or rosacea skin whether the cause is genetic & intrinsic or more from lifestyle, overuse of harsh chemicals or even from skincare neglect. This is also a great starter facial for someone just dipping their toe in professional facial waters, but that does not mean this is an inferior or scaled back facial- not at all. It is chock-full of high-level designer ingredients that work to remove damage, but mostly focuses on rebuilding and restoring the surface barrier so the skin begins to heal and look plump, hydrated, vital and healthy and more consistently calm.  


Clarifying + Balancing + Detoxing

This facial is for those who struggle with breakouts, blackheads, combination, oily and generally dis-regulated skin or just feel they need a skin detox. This facial comes with enzymes & acids designed to specifically target breakouts & clogged skin and is fairly strong with the resurfacing and detoxifying of the skin without over-drying it or causing irritation. Different from many traditional acne treatments, the skin also needs to be fed essential nutrients as well, in the form of effective serums and masks, which this treatment accomplishes to help restore the proper ecology to the skin which brings it back into balance.


One Final Important Thing!

Because these are truly therapeutic grade products and processes, I will require you to sign a waiver before I ship the product out to you.
Once you purchase the product, an email waiver will be sent to you. Please open it and sign electronically and send back and we will happily get the box right out to you.