The Skin Protection Trio

1. Cleanser- 120 ml

A gentle cleanser formulated with protecting the skin in mind. The NeoGenesis Cleanser does not disrupt the barrier function and may be used many times a day.


  • Gentle and pH balanced cleanser
  • Non-irritating formula may be used by the whole family
  • May be used multiple times a day without harming the skin

2. Skin Serum- 30 ml

Contains an abundance of the stem cell released molecules (S2RM®) and will quell inflammation and rebuild the layers within the skin. It is a powerful tool to keep your skin functioning at its best while it improves the look and feel of the skin.


  • Abundant in S2RM® to deliver much needed nutrients deep within the skin
  • Heals and repairs the skin, especially when under duress
  • May be used multiple times per day to encourage skin health

3. Barrier Renewal Cream- 30 ml

This product rebuilds and protects the barrier of the skin as it hydrates and soothes. It is lightweight and contains all of the necessary lipids to keep the skin barrier functioning and strong. Use it to help quell inflammation as often as needed.


  • Lightweight cream that hydrates the skin
  • Contains the three key lipids needed by the skin for a strong and resilient barrier
  • Non-scented formula – good for all skin types and conditions
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